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Spring Term

This half term we have really enjoyed our theme of pirates and have incorporated it in our role play where we made our own props, writing where we wrote messages after our ship laden down with treasure crashed and understanding of the world where we tested different material to see which floated and which sunk. We have also been writing more independently and for different purposes such as get well cards and in number have been adding two numbers under ten and recording our work. International week was also a great success with the children sharing a special object from home with their class.

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Autumn Term

This half term we have looked at making patterns in Maths and have continued to build on our phonic knowledge.  We are now applying what we’ve learned in phonics sessions to our independent writing.  We have also talked about lots of different things as a class, such as how to treat others kindly and what kinds of toys boys and girls like playing with.

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Autumn Term 1

Acorn class had settled in really well by the end of the half term, making new friends and learning new routines. With everyone settled and happy they were able to learn in so many different ways. They have been learning lots of phonemes in phonics and started blending them for reading.

They have worked on counting using lots of different objects and have enjoyed taking responsibilities, like tidying up or washing the cups in the classroom.  

Well done everyone! 

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