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Week commencing 27 March

This week Acorn class loved running around looking for hidden Easter eggs! They couldn't find 3 so conkers helped them find the last three eggs!


You were so excited to celebrate Easter but you were also able to tell me why we celebrate Easter for religious reasons.

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Week commencing 13 March

This week the children have been initiating so many wonderful things during genius hour. We had girl robots, making juice, making mini dens and bean stalks and making fires.

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Week commencing 27 February

This week we have been learning all about measuring and ordering objects by height and length. The children have broadened their vocabulary and learned new words.

They also had a visit from a troll (apparently) but I thought it was their imagination!

The children enjoyed listening to so many stories during book week.

They are learning to act out stories in groups and will begin to hot seat characters once they become more confident.

image1 RA (WC 27 Feb) image1 (00000002) RA (WC 27 Feb)

Week commencing 30 January

Last week we had International day. We enjoyed learning about Vietnam and India and the transport in these countries. We loved learning about where we are all from and experiencing other children's cultures. We also enjoyed trying different foods at the international food fair.

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Week commencing 16 January

This week we have been learning how to be heart smart. 

We also learned how to relax and thought about how we can 'let love in'. Can you tell your parents how we can be heart smart? 

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Week commencing 2 January

This week we have been estimating and checking by counting and we have painted buses for our new topic transport. We also doing our world puzzle.

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Week commencing 5 December

This week Acorn class have participated in the Nativity which was a huge success. The children sang beautifully and really got into their role. The parents and children enjoyed the show. The children said I loved that.

We have also been learning to play with and explore numbers using numicon. The children ordered numbers and then began to make patterns. They were so delighted with their learning.

We have also been exploring doilies, using them to make prints with paint. The children then decided they would hand print too. This enabled them to begin layering their paintings and creating different textures.

A fantastic few weeks, well done Acorns.

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Week commencing 21 November

Acorn class enjoyed dressing up in spots for children in need.

We have been learning about what compassion means and that it is important to help others who are in need. We have also learned to respect others and have been learning about which languages we speak and where we are from. The children are excited to share things that makes them different.

image1 RA (WC 21 Nov) image2 RA (WC 21 Nov)

Week commencing 7 November

Acorns have been busy learning how to use iPads to count in maths. This also helped them to share and take turns. We also made an assault course. We did not want to land in the sea so had to step carefully. We rolled tyres and balanced on beams. We were delighted to do so much exercise. Lastly we have been solving problems and learning the alphabet letters. At the beginning of the year the children did not have the perseverance to complete the alphabet puzzle. Now lots of the children can. They even jumped up and down with joy when they had finished.

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Week commencing 10 October

This week we have been writing about the character Alfie from 'Alfie Gets in First'. We have also begun to learn the story 'The Little Red Hen' off by heart, for our talk for writing.

We have been learning the names of 2D and 3D shapes and have been trying to describe the shapes. Also we have been talking about time and using clocks to make times.

We have enjoyed paintig self-portraits which has further supported our previous learning, sketching faces and learning about body parts.

IMG_7814 RA (WC 10 Oct) IMG_7759 RA (WC 10 Oct) IMG_7822 RA (WC 10 Oct)

Week commencing 26 September

Acorn class have had a busy two weeks. The children are all quite settled and are enjoying learning together. This week the children have been showing me what they know about numbers and their counting skills.

We have also been learning to draw self-portraits and next we will be painting self-portraits.

Capture 1 RA (WC 26 Sept) Capture 2 RA (WC 26 Sept)

Week commencing 12 September

image1 RA (WC 12 Sept)The lovely new acorn class have been settling into their new classroom and school. They are learning lots already including expectations, routine and where the dinosaurs are kept! The children have spent a lot of time drinking in order to ensure they are all hydrated in this hot weather.

I was excited to learn that the children are very good at puzzles, making play dough models and making friends.

We have been learning about the Paralympics and we challenged ourselves by only using one arm for 3 minutes. The children said it was hard and tiring as they could not do things properly. The children are trying to say, "Yes I can," when something is a little bit tricky, just like the Olympians.

The children have been learning about respect and have shared their own hopes for the future.

Keep looking after each other and making friends because you are a lovely class. I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know you and helping you to learn.

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