Parents' and Children's Views

What do parents say about Wren Academy Primary?

100% of parents' would recommend this school

100% of parents agree or strongly agree that their child is taught well here

100% of parents agree or strongly agree that the school is well led and managed

100% of parents agree or strongly agree that the teachers praise and encourage the children

IMG_0584Quotes from recent parent questionnaires

"I am really glad that my child joined the Wren family. Wren Academy has an outstandingly good team"

"The head teacher and her staff are faultless and very approachable. My son is very happy here and I am very pleased with his progress"

"I  am very happy with the school. The energy and enthusiasm is inspiring! I strongly feel that every effort is made to accommodate and include each child"

"We're extremely happy and satisfied. Thank you for your efforts and hard work!"

"We are very happy with school as parents, my child also enjoys school and is very happy. I’m so happy with the progress my child is making at school and also that I am kept up to date with activities through emails and tapestry, which is brilliant! Love the energy and enthusiasm of all staff!"

"Teachers are absolutely fantastic. I can see a big difference in my child's reading, writing and other behaviour since September when she started. Thank you all"

"My child is so happy here. I feel extremely happy with staff and any concerns I have had have been answered and resolved promptly. FAB school!"

"My husband and I really appreciate all the hard work and endless patience they show to our child. A huge thank you!"

"We really enjoy the out of hours support through emails and Tapestry. Teachers are always positive. Thanks so much!"

"Thank you very much to all for the effort and the great job. I couldn't wish for a better school or better teachers"

"I am delighted with my son's school as it is taking an avid interest in his learning abilities as well as his lunches. I am very pleased especially as I’m a lone parent so to be so involved through Tapestry is great. The homework is ideal and sets a president from the start. Well done!"

"Excellent standard of facilities and learning"

"My child is loving the school, and his learning is getting better and better. He has also learnt table manners, which I am really impressed with"

m_128e96078ca9d35e99df6e400ccbdb7bWhat do the children say about Wren Academy Primary?

"I’m really happy here at school because I have lots of friends to play with"

"I’m learning lots of new things here at school like my letters and reading"

"We are safe here at school because the door is closed and only teacher or whoever Miss Taylor trusts is allowed in"


"It’s okay if we make mistakes or find work tricky because this means we are learning"

"The teachers always say well done or good job and we get certificates, prizes and even a challenge champion teddy when we do lots of learning challenges"

"School is fun!"

201"I find reading a bit tricky but the teachers help me lots"