Year 1 - Cherry Class

Cherry Class News

Week commencing 27 March

This week Cherry class shared some of their Genius Hour projects during assembly. It was great hearing about all the exciting learning that has been taking place, there were authors, game developers and model makers. It was amazing!

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Week commencing 13 March

The naughty bus visited our school and left a terrible mess in the library. We wrote an incident report for Miss Taylor. We thought of questions we would like to ask the naughty bus.

IMG_1137 Y1C (WC 13 Mar) IMG_1136 Y1C (WC13 Mar) IMG_1138 Y1C (WC 13 Mar)

Week commencing 27 February

We have been measuring in year 1. We used balance scales to compare the weight of different items. We measured length using non standard units. We took photos of our work and made our own digital books about measuring.

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Week commencing 30 January

This week we have been learning about fractions in maths. We found halves and quarters of shapes. We discovered that two quarters are the same as one half.

IMG_0905 Y1C (WC 30 Jan) IMG_0906 Y1C (WC 30 Jan) IMG_0891 Y1C (WC 30 Jan)

Week commencing 16 January

Weigh to go Cherry class!

Cherry class have been using numicon to find different ways to balance numbers. After weighing up our options, we recorded some using the equals sign.

IMG_0769 Y1C (WC 16 Jan) IMG_0772 Y1C (WC 16 Jan) IMG_0773 Y1C (WC 16 Jan)

Week commencing 2 January

This week we have been learning to tell the time. We used clocks to make different times. We matched times to clock faces.

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Week commencing 5 December

Last week, Cherry class went on a world tour with Google Earth. We visited famous buildings all around the world. We even managed to go inside some of them. It was amazing!

Capture 4 Y1C (WC 5 Dec) image4 Y1C (WC 5 Dec) image1 Y1C (WC 5 Dec)

Week commencing 21 November

Cherry class have been busy coding this week. We have learnt how to change characters and backgrounds, and make our characters move across the stage and turn around. It was very exciting!

Capture1 Y1C (WC 21 Nov) image3 Y1C (WC 21 Nov) image2 Y1C (WC 21 Nov)

Week commencing 7 November

In Maths we have been comparing numbers using the symbols for greater and less than. We used the numicon and scales to balance numbers. We found that if two numbers add to make a total they also balance on the scales. What a discovery!

image2 Y1C (WC 7 Nov) image3 Y1C (WC 7 Nov) image1 Y1C (WC 7 Nov)

image2 Y1C (WC 10 Oct)Week commencing 10 October

In Cherry class we have been making lots of different patterms. We made repeating number patterns and showed them using a variety of items, including cubs, coins and numicon. We even looked at increasing and decreasing number patterns. We particularly love counting in tens, there's just no stopping us once we start!

image4 Y1C (WC 10 Oct)  image3 Y1C (WC 10 Oct)

Week commencing 26 September

Capture Y1C (WC 26 Spet)What's that smell?

Cherry class have continued to learn all about our amazing senses. This week we have focused on our sense of smell. We smelt lots of mystery aromas and discussed wether or not we liked them. Some of us even tried to guess what the items were using just our sense of smell.

It was great fun, even if some of the smells weren't too pleasant!

Capture 2 Y1C (WC 26 Spet) Capture 3 Y1C (WC 26 Spet)

Week commencing 12 September

In Cherry class, we have had a brilliant first week back at school. We have been learning how to use Numicon shapes and equipment to help us learn important number facts. We used the Numicon shapes to solve problems with numbers to 100! We also used them to complete and understand number patterns. It has been lots of fun and we have learnt so much already.  

IMG_0024 Y1C (WC 12 Sept) IMG_0004 Y1C (WC 12 sept) Capture Y1C (WC 12 Spet)