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Week commencing 3 July

We had an amazing time at Kew Gardens! We dodged Venus flytraps, made friends with enormous leaves, investigated magnificent glasshouses, saw the 'Big Stink' and even met a piranha. It's all in a day's work for Holly Class, who all agreed that it was a 'blooming' marvellous trip!

IMG_1767 IMG_1757 IMG_1736



Week commencing 12 June

Sports Day was a blast!

Step aside Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis ... Holly Class are in town.

We had great fun throwing, running and taking part in our very own Wren Olympics.

It was thirsty work but we all finished with smiles and ... stickers!

Holly3 2706 Holly2 2706 Holly1 2706

Week commencing 5 June

A new half term and new genius hour projects are underway...

Forget the third runway at Heathrow, we've got plans for a whole new airport!

Chocks away, let's get modelling ...

Other projects include building a hotel, an 'art box' and various marvellous machines.

We can't wait to show the finished products in the genius hour assembly.

Holly1 0806  Holly2 0806


Week commencing 15 May

After having said that the children's work was good enough to go in a gallery . . . we decided to create our very own!

Here are a selection of the exhibits.

Holly15053 Holly15052 Holly1505

Week commencing 8 May

Holly Class had a splashing time on outdoor classroom day!

We were soaking up the challenge of using a sponge to transport water from one bucket to another.

We tapped into using our best collaborative skills to complete this watery task.

Holly 1 Holly 2  Holly 4

Week commencing 24 April

Holly Class sprung into the new term by going on a 'blooming marvellous' nature walk. We all became flower detectives and were searching for evidence of the changing seasons.

Also, look at this amazing marble run ... what a brilliant creation!

FullSizeRender Y1H (WC 24 Apr) IMG_1380 Y1H (WC 24 Apr) IMG_1367 Y1H (WC 24 Apr)

Week commencing 27 March

One Direction?

This week in Holly Class we have been practising our positional language. Which way are you facing?

We have also been busy doing excellent writing ... look at all our golden pencil winners!

... and we have been eggs-tremely creative creating these cheeky chicks ready for Easter.

FullSizeRender Y1H (WC 27 Mar) IMG_1332 Y1H (WC 27 Mar) FullSizeRender2 Y1H (WC 27 Mar)

Week commencing 13 March

Oh no!

There was a bit of a commotion in the library.

Once we had discovered that the Naughty Bus was the culprit, we put them, in the 'hot seat'. Let the questioning begin.

IMG_1198 Y1H (WC 13 Mar) FullSizeRender (00000003) Y1H (WC 13 Mar) FullSizeRender (00000005) Y1H (WC 13 Mar)

Week commencing 27 February

Who's got the golden ticket?

We quite literally brought our reading alive this week!

Holly Class have been having a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory extravaganza, with some amazing writing being produced in the process.

We all carefully opened our Wonka bars, because one of them contained the prestigious  'golden ticket' ... you could feel the tension and excitement in the air as the two lucky winners screamed with delight!

IMG_1147 Y1H (WC 27 Feb) IMG_1132 Y1H (WC 27 Feb) FullSizeRender (00000005) Y1H (WC 27 Feb)

Week commencing 30 January

We have been busy creating these massive landscapes using paint and collage. We will be using these in Geography next week to identify and label the different physical features of our world.

IMG_0996 Y1H (WC 30 Jan) IMG_0999 Y1H (WC30 Jan) IMG_1004 Y1H (WC 30 Jan)

Week commencing 16 January

What did houses look like in 1666?

Come along to Holly Class and find out!

We used collage and our knowledge of shape to make these amazing buildings. We have also been focussing on describing the fire with 'juicy' adjectives, we hope the fearsome, ferocious fire doesn't spoil our creations!

IMG_0954 Y1H (WC 16 Jan)  IMG_0951 Y1H (WC 16 Jan) IMG_0955 Y1H (WC 16 Jan)

Week commencing 2 January

To kick start 2017 the Holly Class artists have been practising their colour mixing skills. We have learnt that all colours can be made from the three primary colours and we had great fun mixing the secondary colours to produce these amazing palettes.

image3 Y1H (WC 2 Jan) image2 Y1H (WC 2 Jan) image1 Y1H (WC 2 Jan)

Week commencing 5 December

Look at our amazing buildings!

Construction work has nearly finished and our model village is almost complete. We have had great fun using our plans to bring our buildings to life. We even had a visit from a 'real life' architect who gave us an insight into the world of building.

Capture 2 Y1H (WC 5 Dec) Capture 1 Y1H (WC 5 Dec) IMG_0869 Y1H (WC 5 Dec)

Week commencing 21 November

It's all been adding up for Holly Class!

We have been having fun with our shape recognition by playing 'Shape Bingo' and going number crazy with our addition and subtraction.

image1 Y1H (WC 21 Nov) image3 Y1H (WC 21 Nov) image2 Y1H (WC 21 Nov)

image2 Y1H (WC 7 Nov)Week commencing 7 November

Can we build it? Yes we can!

Kick starting the new half term's topic of 'What would you design and build?' Holly Class have produced their own blue-prints for each of their given buildings.

From these carefully annotated plans, construction of our model village has begun and we've had great fun in the process! 

image1 Y1H (WC 7 Nov)  image3 Y1H (WC 7 Nov)

Week commencing 10 October


Forget Hollywood... It's all about Holly class.

Step aside Jamie Oliver and co. Holly class are the new TVs chefs! If you ever need to make a fruit salas or jam sandwich, ask anybody in Holly class and they will provide you with a step by step set of instructions, complete with accompanying actions.

Just for the record... the class Oscar for technical merit, creativity and presentation went to... Bow table. Congratulations Bow!

image3 Y1H (WC 10 Oct) image4 Y1H (WC 10 Oct) image1 Y1H (WC 10 Oct)

Week commencing 26 September

Capture Y1H (WC 26 Sept)Who's an artist in Holly class? We all are!
This week Holly class have continued to investigate the genre of self-portrait, we have covered balloons with papier-mache and we will go on to use collage to decorate them. We had great fun using our sense of touch to feel the gooey papier-mache
Capture 2 Y1H (WC 26 Sept) Capture 3 Y1H (WC 26 Sept)

Week commencing 12 September

IMG_1978 Y1H (WC 12 Sept)This week in Holly class we have been number detectives! We have talked about the importance of number in everyday life and the significance of particular numbers to the children. We went on a 'number walk' around the school and the children were very excited at spotting numbers in unusual places.

We have all learnt the story of Elmer off by heart with some amazing, accompanying actions - ask the children to show you!

With this half term's theme being 'All about me' the children have become authors of their very own 'All about me' books and have also created their own self-portraits using half of a photograph. The Childrenrealized that they are ALL artists and we are very proud of our 'gallery' display board!

We have also been investigating our bodies. In Science we got down on the floor and drew around each other. We then had fun labelling the different parts of our bodies. Continuing this theme, we will be investigating the importance of our senses in the coming week.

All in all Holly Class have had a fantastic start to the new year, adapting well to the transition and having lots of fun with their learning. Well done Holly Class!

Capture1 WC 12 Sept Y1 H Capture2 WC 12 Sept Y1 H

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