Harvest Festival 2019 Posted: 4/10/19

Harvest Festival

We hosted a beautiful Harvest Festival this year where every class wowed us with their talents singing, speaking and performing so confidently in front of all of their parents. They also shared their wonderful learning from RE week where they shared important stories they had learnt from the bible.

Reception began with the classic Cauliflowers Fluffy and as they had only been in the school for six weeks, they amazed me with their confidence. Year 1 taught us about Noah’s Ark and they sang and danced to the Harvest Samba and Conkers. Year 2 performed wonderfully with actions and props to Thank Your Lucky Stars and Beautiful World. They also taught us all about The Good Samaritan.

Beech Class performed Old Town Road with new lyrics written by Miss Graney all about Harvest Time and they danced away in their cowboy hats making everyone feel uplifted. Birch class made us all reach for our tissues, singing and performing It’s a Wonderful World making us all reflect on how lucky we are. Year 4 then took to the stage dancing and singing their hearts out to Food Glorious Food and It’s Harvest Time. Their dance moves, singing and confidence were admirable.

IMG_3810 IMG_3832