DaCapo music programme

DaCapo are a charity dedicated to supporting staff run child friendly music programmes in schools and youth groups across Barnet.

We are delighted that DaCapo have agreed to base themselves at Wren and will be working out of a base in our new primary building. With DaCapo so close at hand, we will be able to take advantage of some of their services. They will begin by working with children in our primary classes, embedding music from their earliest years in school. They are also working with some of our secondary students in Orchestra enrichment.
We will be following the new DaCapo primary music programme with interest and look forward to seeing the children’s skills develop over time. The short film below shows clips from the children's very first music lessons; the focus is on making music together, singing in tune and gradually identifying all the elements that make a rounded musician.  We look forward to a school full of skilled singers and instrumentalists!

To find out more about the DaCapo Music Foundation please visit their website www.dacapo.co.uk.


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