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Week commencing 12 June

This week we have been describing different 3D shapes and learning about their properties.


Week commencing 5 June

We have been playing a 'one more/one less' game using a number line and a spinner!

Conker1 0806 Conker2 0806 Conker3 0806


Week commencing 15 May

We looked at a real spider and then tried to make our own spider out of clay!

Conker15053 Conker 15051 Conker 1505 Conker15054


Week commencing 8 May

We had so much fun during our outdoor learning day. What would you make out of mud?

Conker 2 Conker 3 Conker 1

Week commencing 24 April

As part of our topic on Fairy Tales the children made their own fairy tale books including one called The Stinky Princess who unfortunately didn't like to wash! They enjoyed looking at their books with friends once they were complete.

Capture 1 RC (WC 24 Apr) Capture 2 RC (WC 24 Apr) Capture 3 RC (WC 24 APr)

Week commencing 27 March

Conker class had lots of chocolate fun this week making Easter nests! There might even be an Easter egg hunt!

Capture1 RC (WC 27 Mar) Capture2 RC (WC 27 Mar) Capture3 RC (WC 27 Mar)

Week commencing 13 March

We made our own story maps of the Gingerbread Man.

Capture3 RC (WC 13 Mar) Capture1 RC (WC 13 Mar) Capture2 RC (WC 13 Mar)

Week commencing 27 February

A fairy tale land has opened in our book area...what story will you find in the magical silver bag?

Capture2 RC (WC 27 Feb) Capture1 RC (WC 27 Feb) Capture3 RC (WC 27 Feb)

Week commencing 30 January

Last week we mad a delicious stir fry to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Capture 1 RC (WC 30 Jan) Capture 2 RC (WC 30 Jan) Capture 3 RC (WC 30 Jan)

Week commencing 16 January

There has been a train in Conker class this week travelling to different destinations. Many children have travelled on this train and some have been the driver. Where will it go to next?

Capture 1 RC (WC 16 Jan) Capture 2 RC (WC 16 Jan) Capture 3 RC (WC 16 Jan)

Week commencing 2 January

The children participated in a week of different measuring activities to explore volume and capacity, weight and length. They used estimating skills too to make predictions e.g. How many scoops will fill this container?

IMG_2397 RC (WC 2 Jan) IMG_2437 RC (WC 2 Jan) IMG_2430 RC (WC 2 Jan)

Week commencing 5 December

We have been using numicon to order numbers and create number stairs!

Capture 1 Y1H (WC 5 Dec) Capture 2 RC (WC 5 Dec) Capture 3 RC (WC 5 Dec)

Week commencing 21 November

One of the most popular places in Conker class is the painting easel! Each week the paintings get more elaborate and detailed.

IMG_1889 RC (WC 21 Nov) IMG_1903 RC (WC 21 Nov)

Week commencing 7 November

We have been investigating the properties of cornflour this week. The children mixed food colouring, water and the cornflour together and then explored the mixture with their hands. One minute the cornflour felt like a solid, the next it melted like a liquid. It was a bit messy though!

Capture 2 RC (WC 7 Nov) Capture 1 RC (WC 7 Nov) Capture 3 RC (WC 7 Nov)

Week commencing 10 October

We have been looking at our faces in a mirror and then selecting colours to paint our self-portraits.

Capture 3 RC (WC 10 Oct) Capture 1 RC (WC 10 Oct) Capture 2 RC (WC 10 Oct)

Week commencing 26 September

We have been practising counting and recognising numbers in Conker class this week! We are learning to point to each object as we count.

Capture 1 RC (WC 26 Sept) Capture 2 RC (WC 26 Sept) Capture 3 RC (WC 26 Sept)

Week commencing 12 September

The children in Conker class have settled in so brilliantly to their new class and the new routines. They have been enjoying exploring different activities indoors and outdoors!

RC (WC 12 Sept) RC (WC 12 Sept) (3) RC (WC 12 Sept) (2)

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