Poetry Competition - World Book Week Posted: 4/05/21

Congratulations to the winners of our Poetry competition.

Congratulations to the winners of our Poetry competition.

I have organised them into two categories – written and performed.  

The winners of the written poems are:  

1st Place  Monty Year 1


How Covid Hit The Air 

Now here’s my story, all about COVID,  

My life got tipped upside down,  

I would like to take a minute, just sit right there,  

I’ll tell you how covid hit the air, 


I’m in North London, and schools got shut down,  

I miss my friends and I want COVID to drown,  

My friends are so sad and we miss each other,  

I promise when this is all over, we won’t be much bother. 


My Mum, Dad, sister, brother all living in one room,  

Everyone thinks its fun to play games and reconnect on Zoom,  

But I miss laughing out loud and singing birthday cheers,  

It’s not the same without your peers.  


The darkest days are over and Spring is here,  

We’ve received our first testing kits and I hope they’re all clear.  

Starting back at school will be so much fun,  

I’m going to skip, hop, dance and run, run, run!  


2nd Place  Nayan Year 3 

If Only Poem


Joint 3rd Place Summer and Jamie Year 4 

Lego Poem


Performance poetry Winners:  

1st Place  Leah – Year 4

A brilliant performance of an Acrostic poem which she had written all about Wren Academy using images and filters as effects.

Joint 2nd Place  Dion – Year 4

An engaging performance of Hot Food by Michael Rosen using brilliant tone and expression.  

Aarya – Year 4

A wonderful show performing Green Eggs and Ham in a tiger costume! 

Joint 3rd Place  Angelina – Year 1

Beautifully performed a poem by Shirley Hughes 

Viktor – Year 2

Brilliantly performed a poem called ‘I like’ 

Thank you for all of your entries, they filled me with joy and happiness.