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Spring Term 2022

Year 4 enjoyed finding out about rainforests in Geography and the wildlife found there. Our Science topic on sound involved investigating how to change the volume and pitch on musical instruments.  We explored how the shape of sound waves change with increased volume and pitch, learning to explain what is happening to the particles in each scenario.

Our RE topic, What happened at Pentecost? was new for lots of us and we enjoyed using our own Bibles in class, to read the story of what happened.  A highlight from the Spring term was our Community Foodbank project, which involved researching, donating and delivering food to our local foodbank, who knew that 4000 eggs are sent out every week!


Spring Term 2020

For the majority of children we were teaching remotely. This involved a daily English and Maths live lesson as well as one other live lessons focusing on a  range of other topics such as French, RE, History, Geography and Science. We also celebrated Wellbeing Wednesday where all children tried to spend the day off the screen focusing on their wellbeing. We are so proud of all families and children for their resilience during this time.

Some wonderful work was completed during this time.

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Autumn Term 2020

Year 4 Maple and Cedar have had a wonderful term, full of great learning and enjoyment!

We have been learning about water, including the water cycle and flooding in Geography, which has linked brilliantly with our Science learning on the States of Matter!  This has been a great term for our topic subjects as the children have really shown interest in our experiments and completed fantastic projects at home, as well as their learning in class.

In English, we have been looking at information texts for our Dragons project!  We have just started with a wonderful book called There's a boy in the girls' bathroom, by Louis Sacher, with this book we have been able to discuss many things about how children feel, emotions, and friendships.  This links nicely to our PSHE subject about friendship and social relationships, as well as our well-being focus on how to deal with emotions.

The children have impressed us with their Mathematical understanding and are showing great progress with this, which is in turn beginning to be reflected in their learning!  We have begun completing 10 minute workouts for both multiplication and grammar twice a week.  This is helping the children to not be so concerned about assessments and giving them the skills to complete them in a timely fashion.  In Maths, the children have been learning about the 4 operations, and have begun focusing on their multiplication and division facts, we are starting to see growing confidence with this!

In RE, the children have been learning about The Trinity and the Christian view of God. We have also looked at the comparisons to other religions.  We have had some wonderful discussions around this, and have even Mr Booker talk to us about this topic!

Lastly, for our Harvest Video, we practiced sign language!  Our children have been working fabulously and we are so proud of all their work in class and on SeeSaw!  We are so happy with the children's impressive growth and resilience. Their ongoing positive attitude to learning is a lovely thing to witness.

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Autumn Term 2019

This term, Cedar Class have proved themselves to be incredible writers, tackling both myths and information texts with amazing creativity. We enjoyed sharing our myths with Maple Class and are excited to finish our animal information texts, so we can share them with Year One. In Maths, we have learned to work with 4-digit numbers and add and subtract them (including when we exchange!) We will continue to practise our times tables in school, as we are sure you are doing at home. In R.E. we have been asking big questions about life. We have enjoyed having the secondary phase teachers coming in to teach us French, Art, Music and P.E, and are especially proud of how we are learning to lose graciously in P.E!

Cedar Class have thrown themselves into our Ancient Greek history topic, which included an authentic Ancient Greek dress up day, a fabulous Class Assembly and our very own Ancient Greek Restaurant! Science has been equally exciting, bursting with experiments such as creating our own ‘tights’ digestive system and investigating the change in matter of different materials, most memorably chocolate.

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