Year 6 - Oak and Evergreen

Year 6 Class News

Spring Term 2

Year 6 have been having Lion King rehearsals every week! We have learned an incredible five dance routines already and the children have been brilliant! The singing lessons have been going well and we hope that you are excited to book your tickets for the show.

We have also been ordering materials to get started making all of the costumes and props for the show! (Year 6 parents, we will be writing to you about costumes shortly!).

A huge well done for everyone's efforts and we hope it is going to be the best show yet!

Spring Term 1

Year 6 are continuing to design masks, set, props and costumes for our Year 6 show The Lion King. 

We will also be looking for parents to help us with collecting materials and with the making of the designs, so if you are willing to support us please contact

Y6 1

In Humanities this half term, Year 6 have been investigating our local area and how it has changed since World War II. The children undertook a field work project and answered the enquiry question of, Is our local area fit for people?, by looking at how the area meets human needs such as shelter, education and earning money.

In the next lesson, the children used Ordnance Survey Maps in groups to locate our school and learnt how to find six figure grid references. The children worked well as a team to find other human and physical features of our local area.

Y6 1 Y6 2

Autumn Term 2

In Wows and Wellbeing this half term, we have been learning about the work that the charity Homeless Action for Barnet do for our local community.  We have looked at what support they provide for people who find themselves homeless and how others can help the charity by providing donations.

As a year group, we have organised a food and clothes donation to give to the charity.  To promote this, we created informative posters which provided details of what items to donate and when to donate them by.  On our posters, we included some of our RE learning focusing on how people should try to give to others at Christmas time, which links in with our school vision of having humility and putting others before ourselves.

Here are some of the fantastic posters Year 6 produced.

Y6 1 Y6 2 Y6 3

Autumn Term 1

CGDuring Wows and Wellbeing this term, Oak and Evergreen had the opportunity to cook in the Secondary Kitchen classroom. All the children collaborated fantastically to create a delicious meal of vegan lentil meatballs with marinara sauce.

The children learnt some key cooking vocabulary such as sauté and soften. Additionally, the groups shared out jobs for the recipe and considered their health and safety when using the hobs to make their dishes.

A big thank you to the Year 6 team supporting these sessions and the children for working so positively in their cooking groups.


Summer Term 2

Year 6 recently embarked on an unforgettable journey as they practiced and performed their end of year production for Wows and Wellbeing. It was a wonderful display of talent and dedication from every student involved. The entire class showed exceptional commitment in learning their scripts and transforming into their characters on stage. Moreover, they went above and beyond by taking charge of backstage responsibilities, diligently organizing props and costumes and ensuring seamless transitions. The students also exhibited remarkable technical skills by controlling sound and lighting, enhancing the overall performance quality. What made this experience even more remarkable was the unwavering support they provided for one another, building a strong sense of camaraderie and teamwork. Year 6's incredible efforts and achievements in their end of year production filled us with immense pride and admiration.

Y6 1 Y6 2

Summer Term 1


Last term in Wows and Wellbeing, Year 6 have been rehearsing for our end of year production, Mary Poppins.

We have had a fantastic time doing so and we are really impressed already with all of their talents! The children are truly amazing.

As well as rehearsing, we have started to design our tickets for the show and this term we will start making and organising all our props and backdrops.

Spring Term 2

Our Wows and Wellbeing this term was Community Cohesion. We are aiming to collect donations to support our local charity: Homeless Action in Barnet. So far, we have had lots of discussions on what it means to be homeless, why people may be homeless, the different types of homelessness and what it might feel like to be homeless. We have also researched what we could collect to have the most impact and have started to create our campaign to raise awareness. We will set up the collection next half-term!


Spring Term 1

In Year 6 Wows and Wellbeing, we have been cooking! The children made Vegan Lentil Meatballs with Marina Sauce and enjoyed the challenging recipe. Next, we tackled the Year 6 Festive Friday stalls. The children enjoyed making rules and signs for their stalls and enjoyed running their own tiny business!

Cook 1 Cook 3 Cook 2

Autumn Term

Year 6 have been learning the safety rules of cooking in a kitchen and have devised a delicious recipe and discussed the method of preparing and cooking the dish.

We will be continuing this in Autumn 2 and cannot wait to sample our creations.

Healthy food Grilled Corn Panzanella

Summer Term 2

The Year 6 children have had a very busy term and have worked incredibly hard in class. The first part of the term was an intense push to ensure that all of the children were comfortable and happy with everything that they needed to know for their SATS tests, which took place earlier in May. We were so very proud of their hard working approach; both before the SATs and during the week itself.

To celebrate all of their resilience and hard work, we went to Friary Park for an afternoon picnic with cricket games, playground climbing, ice cream and juice. It was a lovely afternoon. The classes are now busy piecing together their very impressive Matilda stage production with singing, dancing and acting being heard up and down the school corridors, whenever they are in rehearsal. We cannot wait to see the final shows.

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Summer Term 1

Year 6 have had a very busy term in school. In our 'Wows and Wellbeing' lessons, we have taken on a PSHE focus looking at friendships, relationships and online behaviours which has helped some of us remember how to behave nicely online as well as in person. In class, we have been studying so hard towards our SATs tests which are just a few weeks away now and lots of us are coming in to school in the Easter holidays for some extra help and practice. In Science, we have been trying really hard to weave practical experiments into every lesson and these photos show our recent bug hunt in the school's lovely forest area. We examined various species and carried out our own observations and write ups about them.

Y61 Y62