Free School Meals

Free School Meal Checking Service

In line with other schools the Academy offers a free school meal, every school day, to those students who qualify.

Primary RestaurantPrimary Restaurant

The Free School Meal consists of a hot/cold lunch or sandwich, plus dessert/fruit or a drink.  Free water is also available.

We invite you as a parent to participate in an initiative to maintain and drive up the funds received by our school through Pupil Premium.  If your child is eligible for a Free School Meal then our school gets extra funding through the Pupil Premium.

Primary Restaurant 2To simplify the process by which you can check for free school meals eligibility, there is a web site which provides an immediate response to your application and also notifies the school of eligibility, allowing the school to make arrangements for meal provision and pupil premium.

Please click on the link below to check your FSM eligibility.

If eligible, please apply and then contact the Academy confirming that you have applied.