Year 2 - Elm and Fir

Year 2 Class News

Autumn Term 1

This term In Geography we have been learning about the seven continents and five oceans.

The children solved jigsaw puzzles of world maps and were able to confidently name the seven continents and five oceans.

The children also have been learning a song to help them remember the names of each continent.

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Summer Term 2

In Year 2, our community cohesion project is about donating shoes to the Sal's Shoes Project.

The children have learnt information about the project, who set it up and why. We decided to delay donating shoes until Summer Term 2 as most children will buy new shoes for September, so will be able to donate their shoes in July. The children have all designed posters to put up during this half term.


Summer Term 1

Year 2 have been super excited to make and bake some delicious food this half term. The children had the opportunity to use the cooking room in the secondary building where they have made; fruit kebabs, scones and pizza.  Year 2 were able to discuss and learn about how to stay safe in a kitchen using sharp and hot equipment.  The children were all excited to take their food home to eat.

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