Recommended Reading List

It can be hard to choose which books might suit your child.  We do know from research and from many sources that it is really essential to get our children reading, and not just tolerating reading, but actually enjoying it.  This has been linked to success in all areas of life: academic success, mental health and even economic success!

Click on the relevant Year group boxes below, where there are some suggested texts that might suit your child to help them to enjoy reading.

Other tips to aid with enjoyment are to read with them, get them to read aloud or you can read to them, play some word games, model how you yourself love reading (even if you do not), listen to audiobooks, make a cosy reading area for them to enjoy and watch the movie that accompanies a book.

If you are finding it tricky to find the right types of books to get your child hooked into reading, please do speak to us and we will see if we can help with some further suggestions.

EYFS and Key Stage 1

Final Reception RL Final Year 1 RL Final Year 2 RL 

Key Stage 2

Final Year 3 RL Final Year 4 RL Final Year 5 RL Final Year 6 RL

If your child enjoyes reading any of these authors or series below, click on the links to get a few more ideas of similar titles:

Michael Morpurgo

Julia Donaldson

Roald Dahl

Jacqueline Wilson

Beast Quest

Famous Five

Worst Witch


David Walliams

Horrible Histories