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Spring 2022

Year 1 went back in time!  We visited London in 1666 to learn all about the Great Fire of London.  The children loved learning about Samuel Pepys' diary and why and where the fire started.  We created timelines of the events that took place and wrote a diary entry imagining we were Samuel Pepys; it was very exciting!

Year 1 learnt all about the HeartSmart phrase, fake is a mistake, which taught them to be their authentic self and trust in who they are.

In R.E the children learnt all about why Easter matters to Christians. We had fun acting out the story of Easter and pretending to wave palm leaves as Jesus entered Jerusalem.

We also had lots of fun at our circus workshop during book week, where we learnt how to balance a plate and juggle with scarves!

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Spring Term 2020

For the majority of children we were teaching remotely. This involved a daily English and Maths live lesson as well as one other live lessons focusing on a  range of other topics such as French, RE, History, Geography and Science. We also celebrated Wellbeing Wednesday where all children tried to spend the day off the screen focusing on their wellbeing. We are so proud of all families and children for their resilience during this time.

Some wonderful work was completed during this time.

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Autumn Term 2020

This term the Year One Cherry and Holly classes have had an action-packed term!  In their literacy lessons, they have learnt about the features of an instructional text and been able to write a variety of different instructions, such as how to decorate a Christmas tree, how to brush their teeth and how to make a jam sandwich. 

The children meet Luna the friendliest dragon. Before Luna had arrived, an enormous egg appeared in the playground after three days the egg hatched and we had a baby dragon to look after.  It was Luna's egg.  The awe and wonder of who the egg belonged to captivated the children's imaginations.  Then, Luna, a full-sized dragon, appeared at school.
Year One had a wonderful day which was full of fun and exciting activities. When the children meet Luna, they played a range of games such as negotiating their way around the full-sized dragon without the dragon hearing them. In the afternoon, the baby dragons came to visit in class.

Black History Month

In Year One we hosted a mini-Olympics, to show appreciation and recognition to some sporting heroes. The children were able to bounce the ball like Michael Jordan, skillfully kick the football like Alex Scott, jump over the hurdles like Katarina Johnson-Thompson and use a tennis racket like Venus and Serena Williams. At each sporting station, the children learnt interesting facts about the sporting icon.

 Jam Sandwiches  Tennis Teach Rex 


Autumn Term 2019

Holly Class have settled well into Year One and have been very busy learning so many exciting topics. In Science, Geography and History, the children have been learning about Seasons and Arctic animals. The children have been comparing facts about different animals. In Maths, the children have been using the part whole model when adding and subtracting and using numberlines to count on and back. In English, the children have been learning about instructions and how to write a set of instructions using time conjunctions and imperative verbs. Well done to Holly Class for all their hard work this term!

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Summer Term 2019

Holly Class went on a mini beast hunt and learnt all about bio-diversity with our visitors from the RSPB. They have also been learning about the Islamic faith and the five Pillars of Islam.

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Spring Term 2019


Holly Class have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We went on a fantastic trip to The Tower of London. Holly Class really enjoyed World Book Day and came to school dressed as their characters from their favourite books. We spent the week reading lots of different books by Julia Donaldson and the children wrote a review of the book they enjoyed the most. They have been busy learning all about 2 digit numbers. We have been learning how to partition 2 digit numbers into tens and ones. 

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Autumn Term 2018

Holly class have been busy learning to read and write numbers to 20.

We have also been learning our addition and subtraction facts to 10.

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Summer Term 2018

Holly class had a fanatic day at Kew Gardens learning all about plants and flowers and really enjoyed learning all about Biodiversity with our visitors from the RSPB.

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Spring Term 2018

Holly class have been busy using non standard units of measure to help the builders get accurate measurements for their bridge. We worked with the secondary science ambassadors to find out levels of acidity in different liquids using pH papers and had a fantastic class trip to the RAF museum to learn about our topic transport.

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Spring Term 2018

This term Holly class have been using Numicon to make two digit numbers and making aboriginal hand paintings for international week.

We have also been Learning about Shabbat and the Jewish religion.

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Autumn Term 2017

Holly have been learning how to join their handwriting and we’ve been using Numicon to make number sentences up to 10.

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