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Autumn Term 2018

Holly class have been busy learning to read and write numbers to 20.

We have also been learning our addition and subtraction facts to 10.

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Summer Term 2018

Holly class had a fanatic day at Kew Gardens learning all about plants and flowers and really enjoyed learning all about Biodiversity with our visitors from the RSPB.

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Spring Term 2018

Holly class have been busy using non standard units of measure to help the builders get accurate measurements for their bridge. We worked with the secondary science ambassadors to find out levels of acidity in different liquids using pH papers and had a fantastic class trip to the RAF museum to learn about our topic transport.

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Spring Term 2018

This term Holly class have been using Numicon to make two digit numbers and making aboriginal hand paintings for international week.

We have also been Learning about Shabbat and the Jewish religion.

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Autumn Term 2017

Holly have been learning how to join their handwriting and we’ve been using Numicon to make number sentences up to 10.

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