Primary Prospective Parents Tour

Primary Prospective Parents Tour (Open Evening)

We will be holding prospective parents tours of the primary phase at 9.15am on the following dates.

Thursday 6 October 2022

Tuesday 15 November 2022

Monday 12 December 2022

Thursday 5 January 2023

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Tuesday 2 May 2023

Tuesday 27 June 2023

To book your space on a tour please email

September 2022 Prospectus

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What are the SATs results for Primary?

Please click here to view our achievement page for more information.

Do students make good progress at Wren Finchley?

Our ethos here at Wren is to support all children to achieve their best from whatever their starting point.  We plan all of our lessons to meet the individual needs in the lessons, ensuring all children are challenged.  This means that children make excellent progress.

What is your admissions policy?

We welcome applications from families who belong to the Church of England and those who do not.  The Admissions Policy ensures access to local families while keeping a balance of children admitted from Foundation (Church) and Community places.  Please refer to our Admissions Policy for further details.

I have read the admissions policy and I think I will qualify for a Foundation place. However, we have not been able to attend church due to COVID-19 restrictions. What shall I do?

Since reopened churches have worked hard to become Covid secure, there is an expectation that there would be someone in the family able to attend services and meet the requirement.  However, if there is a significant illness that means church attendance is impossible, then a note from a GP stating that the family is advised not to attend church at this time is required, in addition to information from the Church leader confirming attendance up until March 2020.

Do I live in the catchment of Wren Finchley?

The distances that our students travel varies from year to year.  For places allocated for September 2020, the maximum distance travelled was as follows:

Foundation - Church of England


Foundation - Other Christian Denomination Church


Community- Geographical Distance


My child has a Special Educational Need.  Is Wren Academy the right place for him/her?

Detailed information about our Individual Needs provision can be found in the SEND information report.  If a child has an EHCP, parents are welcome to make an appointment with the SENDCO by emailing  Due to COVID restrictions, this appointment will be via phone.

What provision is made for students with an ECHP?

We are a large, mainstream school and, as per the Code of Practice 2014, all students receive quality first teaching in every subject.  All students on the SEND register have a Personalised Learning Plan and the Individual Needs Department also runs a range of interventions which take place during the school day.  The specifics of this provision vary depending on the needs of each student.

What do you do to support students with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, or autism?

Quality First Teaching is the focus of the Academy in ensuring outstanding progress for all.  Every class teacher is aware of a range of strategies that can work for students with a range of needs.  For example, the use of visuals can support key concepts, colour coding key words, visual timetables on whiteboards, and print outs of work for those with slow cognitive processing.

What is your policy on bullying?

We do not tolerate bullying at Wren Academy.  We have a clear anti-bullying policy and any incidents (of which there are very few) are dealt with promptly and firmly.

What house will my child be in?

We have six houses, each named after an area in London with a church designed by Sir Christopher Wren.  Students in Primary with an older sibling will be placed in the same house as their older brother or sister.  We then ensure there is a balance of gender, ethnicity and academic ability across the houses.

What is your uniform policy?

Information about our uniform can be found in our Uniform Policy.  We firmly enforce our uniform policy and expect students to look smart every day.

What is your approach to behaviour?

Our Christian ethos underpins our Behaviour Policy.  We are firm but fair.  In lessons, we prefer to focus on behaviour for learning.  This means that all behaviours must be understood by students and teachers with regard to the extent to which they enhance or restrict learning.  Passive cooperation does not maximise a students’ potential; our teachers expect full effort and active engagement in every lesson.

Do students get homework?

We prefer to call it home learning.  There is an expectation that students will complete home learning each week.  All children are expected to complete some daily reading and parents to respond in their child’s reading record.  Children from Years 1 upwards also have spellings to learn as well as a Chilli Challenge!  Children can choose one project to complete a week from a list of six.

Is there a student council?

Yes, all of the children are in houses so we have a house council.  The members are elected after writing a letter to the Headteacher and then making a speech to their classmates and being voted in.  The House council work alongside the secondary school house council to look at a range of topics throughout the year.  They give us feedback on lessons, topics, playtimes, lunches, school trips and also key subjects. This year we have extended our French lesson to 1 hour in Year 5, as the students reported they wanted more time to practice their French in lessons.

How will I find out about the progress my child is making?

We feel that working alongside parents is vitally important.  In the Early Years we use a programme called Tapestry, where you receive updates and photos of your children’s learning.  We encourage you to also post the learning and experiences the children do at home to ensure we are working together.  We also use online programmes in KS1 and KS2 where children upload photos of their work or activities which again enables them to share their learning online.

We host a range of curriculum mornings throughout the year where you can learn about your child’s learning, visit their classroom and also join in with workshops with your child, so you can understand how they are learning in school.

What do parents say about the school?

We have received a lot of positive praise from our parents and we pride ourselves on responding to their feedback so we can continually improve.  Please see our parental views page for more information: