Reception - Acorn and Conker

Reception Class News


Summer Term 2

This half term, the Reception children have enjoyed the challenge of completing a mile jog on a weekly basis.  To complete one mile the children needed to do four laps of the field.  The children have had a positive attitude to this challenge and have pushed themselves to complete as much of it as they can.  Well done for persevering and being just like Resilient Rosie.  Some of the children have fantastic levels of energy and stamina and they have all encouraged their peers to keep going. What great practise for Sports Day!


Summer Term 1

This half term, reception have enjoyed visits to the allotment. Ms Gill explained the allotment rules to the children, like what to do if you see a dog and they have followed them well. The children have made observations of the natural environment and got their hand dirty weeding and planting.  They have been able to deepen their understanding of important processes in the natural world around them.  We look forward to benefitting from the fruits of their labour in the Summer Term!  We will be going back as often as possible to enjoy this fantastic environment, right on our doorstep. 

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