Our Aims, Vision and Ethos

Inspiring creative minds, Growing extraordinary learners

We aim to create an inspirational community of learning rooted in Christian values, providing outstanding educational opportunities and experiences for all children regardless of age, ethnicity, ability and background. We combine our ambitions for pupils' outstanding academic attainment with an emphasis upon their personal growth as individuals, citizens and active learners.

What makes Wren Academy distinctive?

We have clear and high expectations for the personal development of our pupils and aspire for all to achieve the following:

  • have a keen understanding of moral issues and recognise the difference between right and wrong.  Wren pupils will be supported in speaking up for what they believe to be right.
  • be aware of their own spirituality and the importance of spirituality to personal happiness and fulfilment.
  • feel valued, confident and secure as members of the Academy community.
  • feel that their individual gifts are recognised and celebrated.
  • to succeed in whatever areas they possess talent and a desire to achieve.
  • make as much academic progress as they are capable of and achieve as highly as they can.
  • be unique individuals, willing to express themselves and articulate in doing so.
  • have a broad cultural, scientific and historical awareness.
  • be active, constructive and resourceful young citizens.
  • be creative thinkers, capable of taking risks in their learning and of studying independently.
  • be responsible, considerate towards others and always behave impeccably.
  • be socially adept and confident in conversation.
  • be environmentally aware and knowledgeable global citizens.
  • have a commitment to equality and inclusivity and to embrace diversity.
  • appreciate and learn from the experience of belonging to an active and celebratory Christian community.

Some other key attributes of the Academy:

Wren is an Academy (an independent school funded by the government), with two sponsors, the London Diocesan Board for Schools and Berkhamsted School.

Wren bases its approach to teaching and learning around the Building Learning Power philosophy.  This means that we seek to give children the skills and learning dispositions which will serve them well throughout their school careers and then their lives beyond school.

At Wren, everything that students do is seen as part of their wider learning experience. We believe that learning does not just happen in lessons.

Our ethos

The daily life of the Academy presents opportunities for students to learn about Christian beliefs and engage in acts of worship, under the guidance of staff. Our Chaplin David Booker, visits the primary phase reguarly and delivers weekly assemblies about our Christian values. We have a close relationship with local clergy. All puplis, be they Christian, of other faiths or none, will be expected to attend events which celebrate our Christian ethos.

The values and vision which grow from our Christian ethos have helped Wren create a positive and inclusive atmosphere, in which students and their families are welcomed. We find that having many different faiths in a school, and taking faith issues seriously, generates understanding, tolerance and mutual respect in young people.

Wren Academy is a place in which all young people develop moral and spiritual values which will help them become active, thoughtful and considerate citizens.

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