Building Learning Power

Alongside the academic skills taught at Wren, we also ensure we teach children the skills they need to become a life-long learner.  Every day children are explicitly taught and given opportunities to practice key learning skills such as collaboration, listening, planning and imagination, which helps accelerate their progress, achievement and development.

At Wren Academy, our vision is to ensure every child becomes a life-long learner.  We teach the children key skills to help them become excellent learners and to help them understand how they learn best.  To support our young children with the new vocabulary and to enable them to understand how they learn best, we have created superheroes.

With each superhero there are learning muscles - these are the super learning powers that they use to become magnificent learning heroes.  To support the children with learning these concepts, each superhero has a catch phrase which the teacher will use in class.  These are introduced throughout their school life as they grow and develop into the extraordinary learners we know they can be.

Relational Ruby Resourceful Rocco Reverent Ritchie Reflective Robbie Redemptive Raya Relilient Rosie