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Spring Term 2022

In Year 2, the children had a fantastic Spring Term with a visit to Christ Church learning about Easter and why it is important to Christians.

During our Science lessons, the children studied animals and habitats.  A workshop from Zoolab showed how confident and brave the children were handling animals and learning facts too.

They learnt about fractions in Maths, folding paper into halves, thirds, and quarters, focusing on key vocabulary such as numerator and denominator.  Daily mental maths warm ups, focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts to ensure the children are continually building their skills and confidence.

In talk for writing, the children focused on the text 'The Owl who was afraid of the dark' writing character descriptions and their own versions.  They looked at non-fiction texts, identifying different features.  Year 2 have enjoyed learning about similes and alliteration to use in their writing.  For our wows and wellbeing sessions, the children very much enjoyed the cooking sessions and eating what they made. 

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Spring Term 2020

For the majority of children we were teaching remotely. This involved a daily English and Maths live lesson as well as one other live lessons focusing on a  range of other topics such as French, RE, History, Geography and Science. We also celebrated Wellbeing Wednesday where all children tried to spend the day off the screen focusing on their wellbeing. We are so proud of all families and children for their resilience during this time.

Some wonderful work was completed during this time. 

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Autumn Term 2020

In Year Two, Elm and Fir Class have been helping Miss Taylor by investigating which materials would be most suitable for some new spoons in the Dining Room. Through experimenting, we realised that materials that can bend, stretch and twist would not suitable for a spoon.

In English, we have consolidated key sounds and are now practising to answer different comprehension questions, as well as developing our writing, which included describing monstrous beasts.

For our Maths topics, we have worked on finding efficient methods to add and subtract two digit numbers and are learning to master money.

In RE, we are exploring the key question; Why does Christmas matter to Christians? We have watched some exclusive videos showing local churches celebrating Christmas.

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Autumn Term 2019

In Year 2 we have been learning about Rainforests. In Literacy, we looked at non-chronological reports and wrote our very own information texts about Rainforests. We even got to make our own Rainforests using different materials as part of our home learning!

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Summer Term 2019

In Fir class we have been learning about plants and our local area. We took photos of plants, identified features of them and made observational drawings. We have also created a presentation about plants in our school. We have spent lots of time outside for our outdoor learning week and enjoyed reading in the sunshine.

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Spring Term 2019

This half term we have been working hard to develop new skills. We researched information and then created presentations about a famous author using iPads. We celebrated World Book day by dressing up as favourite characters from stories and took part in different reading activities. We have also been learning about the Easter Story as part of our RE lessons and the importance of this time for Christians.

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Autumn Term 2018

This term Year 2 have been working hard to learn lots of new skills. We have practiced good team work skills and solved problems by working in groups. In Maths we have been learning all about place value, comparing and sequencing numbers. In English we wrote non fiction texts about the rainforest and in Science children have been learning about the importance of looking after the environment! 

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Summer Term 2018

This term we have been working hard to practice our reasoning skills in Maths. We had a fantastic week of outdoor learning and practised our mapping skills around the school. In Science, we explored plants and took photographs of our findings. 

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Spring Term 2018

This half term we have been looking at investigating materials and their properties. We carried out an experiment to see which material was the most waterproof. We have been looking at 2d and 3d shapes and their properties and investigated ways to sort them. We have enjoyed reading a range of books and enjoyed our World Book Day activities based around the children's author J.K.Rowling. 

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Spring Term 2018

This half term we have been continuing to practice our maths skills and learning different ways to multiply and divide.

As part of international week, we took part in a range activities, including Art,  and learnt about different cultures from around the world. In English we have been using Talk for Writing to help us learn a text about Captain Cook! 

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Autumn Term 2017

As part of our learning this term we have been working on number and place value in Maths, identifying where rainforests are located on a world map in our Topic work and matching animals to their habitats in Science. 

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