Year 3 - Beech and Birch

Year 3 Class News

Autumn Term 1

During our Wows and Wellbeing, we focused on physical health and our wellbeing while at school.

We took part in the Daily Mile, which allowed us to run with our classmates and have some wonderful exercise.  We thought about movement and how this can keep us healthy, having patience with ourselves as we improved. 

We also used this time to practice our mindfulness and social skills.Y3 run Healthy food

Summer Term 2

Year 3 were able to visit the secondary cooking rooms to try our hand at preparing and cooking foods. First we thought about our recipes and what ingredients we would need to create a fruit salad and then a pizza. The fruit salad contained wonderful tropical fruit that we helped to preserve using orange juice. Many of the children used this fruit salad to create a healthy smoothie.


Summer Term 1

In Birch class, to finish off our cooking topic, every child decided on a dish they would like to cook at home. They wrote a recipe thinking about the ingredients and methods they would use, which we then used to create a recipe class book. Also, we have had mindful sessions which included a Drawing Workshops where we have followed drawing tutorials online. We even tried drawing one of our terms book characters, Toothless.

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