Parents' and Children's Views

What do parents say about Wren Academy Primary?

Please see the amazing results from the parent questionnaires, plus some of the comments.
(120 questionnaires completed)



Strongly Agree/Agree

Strongly Disagree/Disagree



I would recommend Wren Academy to another parent.





My child is making good progress at this school.





There is a good standard of behaviour at this school.





This school Christian Vision (do justice, love kindness, walk humbly with your God) has a positive impact on my child's experience at school.





This school teaches my child to be resilient, resourceful, reflective, reverent, redemptive and work collaboratively.





This school supports my child's wellbeing and personal development.





My child is happy and enjoys school.





Teachers praise and encourage my child.





The standards of teaching are high.





My child is aware of their targets and how to improvetheir learning.





This school is well led and managed.





The writing workshops and coffee mornings were helpful and informative.





The topics the children are learning are inspiring and build on their prior learning.


1% 7%

Quotes from recent parent questionnaires

  • Coffee and curriculum mornings. Residential trip to Isle of Wight very well organised.
  • The way the school combines high academic expectations with a wonderfully positive, encouraging, nurturing and caring environment.
  • All aspects !! Great School
  • The passion of the staff, it’s such a lovely collective. You have created a wonderful culture and I’m so happy my kids go to the school. You go above and beyond, you are clearly passionate and very competent. I hope you realise how happy we all are with the school and the great job you do with our kids.
  • Great well organised residential for Year 6. My daughter came back excited about every aspect and had the experience of a lifetime.
  • Encouragement of children and overall standard of education and achievement
  • Great communication and organization
  • Wellbeing support has been outstanding and very helpful
  • My child have gained independency and motivate in their learning.
  • Teachers support are excellent.
  • More parent involvement this year
  • My child feels both challenged academically and cared for personally.
  • It has been a very positive year so far. My daughter continues to looking forward to school every day.
  • Both my children have had an excellent first half term. Their teachers have been kind, caring, very well informed and help them make excellent progress
  • Love Robothink. Teachers are great, head teacher supportive and attentive- filters down across departments.
  • My child’s reading has developed well.
  • So pleased with both my children’s teachers, after school clubs are good. The firework night was a success. Ms Taylor makes a fantastic principal.
  • That he has settled well and is starting to write and count, his development has been from 0 to 60mp
  • Maths progress. Reading list on website is also really useful and helps guide parents. The curriculum 1-page worksheets are useful.
  • It’s impressive how quick my child has learnt the amount of sounds in such a short time! (reception class)
  • My child’s current class teacher is brilliant
  • Structure of learning, homework given and variety of activities undertaken.
  • I’m really happy with my child’s progress and development over the last 2 years. Well done and thank you.
  • I am delighted with the school, as is my child. Thank you.
  • I appreciate all the efforts that all the teachers put in to make sure that my child progresses the way they should. Thank you all.
  • Amazing staff – Wonderful School.
  • Fantastic, dynamic SMT, creative methods of learning and really safe nurturing environment. We appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm.
  • I am absolutely impressed by Wren Academy.
  • I am very pleased with the school and regular communication sent to parents. Thank you Miss Taylor for making yourself available every day, I think this encourages parents to talk to you.
  • We are very happy with the school and the staff. The teachers have been very helpful and positive. Thank you for everything.
  • Amazing school. Staff and teachers are brilliant and always able to talk when I have concerns/issues. Great teaching and my son has learnt a lot from the start of this new term. Very Pleased!!
  • We are very happy with all aspects and our child is happy and making very good progress.
  • Really happy with the school and my son has grown in confidence.
  • Amazing and engaging L.O’s for Reception children. Thank you
  • Parents support through Seesaw is excellent. Ms Hancock is always responsive to my child’s needs. Very happy with the level of teaching and work is very impressive. Thanks Miss Taylor and team!
  • Booking system for parents evening is excellent and the Reception coffee morning was excellent.
  • My child has settled into his Reception Class with flying colours, we would like to thank all the school in helping him settle in.
  • I continue to be impressed with all aspects of Wren Academy. It has exceeded our expectations. Thank you.
  • We have recommended Wren to many friends.
  • We are extremely happy with the school. The children seem well supported and my child is enthusiastic about her learning. I can see a lot of progress and am often amazed at some of the things she comes out with that she has learned at school. We definitely want to keep her here until she is 18.
  • I am really satisfied with my child’s progress in this school Headteacher, teachers and staff are really good and help the children with every little thig. I feel proud that I chose this school for my child.

What do the children say about Wren Academy Primary?

"I’m really happy here at school because I have lots of friends to play with"

"I’m learning lots of new things here at school like my letters and reading"

"We are safe here at school because the door is closed and only teachers, or whoever Miss Taylor trusts, is allowed in"


"It is okay if we make mistakes or find work tricky because this means we are learning"

"The teachers always say well done or good job and we get certificates, prizes and even a challenge champion teddy when we do lots of learning challenges"

"School is fun!"

"I find reading a bit tricky but the teachers help me lots"