STEM Week Posted: 17/05/24

What an amazing week of STEM we had last term!


What an amazing week of STEM we had last term! We had the opportunity to have an engaging Birds of Prey Science Workshop for Key Stage 2 children, which turned out to be an incredibly enriching experience. The workshop featured a captivating showcase of eight different bird species, allowing the children to witness these magnificent creatures up close. Not only were the students able to marvel at the birds, but they were also given the opportunity to learn fascinating facts about them and witness their unique behaviours in real life. The highlight of the day was undoubtedly the breath taking flying display that left the children in awe! It was heart warming to see how the children's faces lit up with excitement throughout the workshop. Their enthusiasm was truly infectious! The Birds of Prey Science Workshop was amazing, providing the students with a memorable and educational experience that will undoubtedly stay with them for years to come.

Technology and Engineering

STEM Week was a huge success! Each year group participated in an exciting robotics coding workshop, which even included drone coding! The enthusiasm and creativity from the students were truly inspiring.

We were also honoured to host some amazing guest speakers this year. A Robotics Engineer shared insights into the future of robotics, while a Data Scientist discussed the fascination of data and its impact on our daily lives. These talks were not only informative but also sparked a great deal of curiosity and interest among the children.

Additionally, each year group focused on a specific Computing or Engineering career, engaging in hands-on activities related to that field. For example, Year 2 students took on the role of data scientists, learning how to train AI to differentiate between fish and plastic to help clean the oceans. This activity highlighted the importance of AI in solving environmental issues.

Year 6 students became System Design Engineers, designing their own apps to address real-world problems. Their innovative solutions ranged from apps to help make recipes from left over food and a delivery service to help give left over food to those in need to help solve the issue of hunger in our community.


During STEM Week, students explored exciting careers in Maths through engaging, hands-on activities tailored to their year groups. In Reception, students took on the role of Teachers, focusing on recalling and sharing their knowledge of number bonds. Year 1 and Year 2 students became Economists, exploring multiples of 2, 5, and 10 and understanding their relevance in everyday financial transactions. Year 3 and Year 4 delved into the world of Risk Analysts, thinking critically about finances and learning to predict changes and trends. Meanwhile, Year 5 and Year 6 stepped into the shoes of Data Analysts, investigating how large organisations and governments utilise data to inform decision-making and policy development. This was an inspiring journey, showing children the real-world applications of Mathematics and sparking their interest in potential future careers in the essential field of STEM.

STEM Week provided a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the exciting fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. It was a week filled with learning, creativity, and inspiration. We look forward to seeing the amazing things our students will achieve in the future!

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