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  • Thank You

    16 July 2015
    I wanted to say thank you for attending our event yesterday. It was wonderful to see the children playing, making friends and hearing them so excited about starting school. I really hope you enjoyed yourself as well. If you were unable to attend, please do not worry. Email me and I am happy to update you about which class your child will be in and any other information you require.

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  • Meet and Greet

    22 May 2015
    On Wednesday 15 July you can come along and meet your child's class teacher any time between 4.00-6.00pm.  This is also a great opportunity for you as parents to meet and get to know each other. We will have some of the lunch menu to taste, and a range of fun activities to complete with the children. Please let me know if you are able to attend by emailing firstcontact@wrenacademy.org with 'Primary School' in the subject box.   

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  • Primary School News

    11 May 2015
    Everything is going brilliantly and I am incredibly excited seeing the building beginning to grow! This week I have been focusing on ordering the new furniture for each of the classrooms, as well as choosing the best playground equipment for the children. This has been such an exciting opportunity to ensure that your children get to use the best resources in their brand new classrooms. I am currently writing the key policies for our Primary school, so as soon as they have been confirmed by our governors I will create links to them on the school website.

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