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  • Guy Claxton Training

    9 June 2016
    We were so fortunate to receive training from Professor Guy Claxton yesterday. He is the pioneer behind Building Learning Power and a huge inspiration to all of us here at Wren.

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  • An enjoyable start to our summer term

    20 May 2016
    This term the children began learning all about Space. Space rockets and space stations appeared in the classroom and the children learnt a poem off by heart which described all the planets in our solar system!

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  • The Countdown is on!

    26 April 2016
    The building is getting closer and closer to completion. Hopefully after the half term holiday we will be able visit the rest of our wonderful new school.

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  • An exciting term so far

    17 March 2016
    This term we have held some very exciting events! We began with celebrating book week. This was a great success with many of our children creating the most phenomenal books for our book competition!

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  • Great progress!

    11 February 2016
    It has been incredible watching our building grow and we have seen some significant changes happening. The internal walls are in and being plastered, the drama studio looks ready for completion and the hall is taking shape. It has been fantastic to see the whole building develop and I cannot wait to get inside.

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  • Our second term at Wren Primary

    11 January 2016
    The second term here at Wren has started fantastically with the children really focused and excited about their new topic – animals. Mrs Salomon went on Safari this Christmas so has some wonderful photos and video’s to show the children of the real life animals she saw

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  • What an amazing term it has been so far!

    20 November 2015
    I am incredibly proud of everything that has been happening here at Wren so far. The children are doing incredibly well and it is wonderful to see the progress they are making. They are all so happy with their abilities to read new words and form new letters and the improvements the children are making are wonderful.

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  • A successful coffee morning!

    24 September 2015
    Thank you to all of you who attended the coffee morning on Monday. It was lovely to see such a supportive group of parents. I have added the presentation to the Key Documents so please use this if you want to retrieve any of the information provided.

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  • An incredible first week!

    8 September 2015
    The children have had a fantastic week and it was wonderful having your support on the first day. The children are settling in really well and are enjoying exploring and learning with all our wonderful resources.  

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  • A Few Reminders

    28 August 2015
    I hope you have had a wonderful summer and are getting excited about coming to school next week. The building looks fantastic and I know you are all going to love it when you see it!

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